Winter Park - Final




Shake Your Tailfeather

My kind of people down in Winter Park, Florida.

Serving as the lead graphic designer, I worked with members of the city on this extensive community visioning processes that wound up including over 12,000 people across the nation. The project’s plan was unanimously adopted and was quoted as being the most extensive, inclusive, and impressive outreach in the history of the City.

The peacock is a prominent icon for their city so I wanted to incorporate part of that in a unique, vibrant, and exciting way. What you see here is the WPPPF…or the Winter Park Peacock Party Feather as I like to call it, hehe.

Stop by their website¬†and see what’s shaking or check out the incredible vision video below. Seeing folks wear your designs and color your work in Crayon is pretty rad, I must say.

Winter Park Vision



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